We’re a family of businesses

“We believe the world can be a better place if we bring people together and provide them with opportunity.”

We exist to make technology that creates tangible and measurable results.

Ecalypse Softworks is a company specialized in producing top end technologies that fuel companies’ growth. Its main specialization is support of Ecalypse Advisory and creation of SW solutions within the Ecalypse Ventures family.

We provide rentals with free tools to connect to unlimited number of travel industry sales channels

Rencato provides a world-unique combination of a 1-minute rental booking website, access to affiliates around the world through embedded affiliate and broker systems. All with no development skills needed and 0 upfront cost.

We exist to help clients make better decisions and deliver them.

Ecalypse advisory helps clients turn qualitative problems into business solutions. We take your dissatisfaction in business, narrow it down into a measurable business problem, devise a solution and then actively help you deliver it on time and in budget as a success.

Latest From Our Companies

Ecalypse People

Igor Datko

Igor's main scope of work is focusing on broadening the range of services and business development in Ecalypse advisory and other businesses.

Igor previously founded Custom Apps, a company focused on delivery of tailored applications to major companies, such as KPMG, Calzedonia, Celgeme or Renault.

Pavel Helstyn

Pavel founded Ecalypse as a company focused on harnessing the power of latest technological trends in rental business. In two years, Ecalypse has grown into internationally recognized brand with 300+ clients in over 60 countries worldwide.

With his entrepreneurial background, he focuses on Ecalypse’s strategy and new ventures.

Head of Technology
Petr Danek

Petr started working with Ecalypse in its early days taking it through most of its technological challenges. Currently, Petr is helping Ecalypse design and develop key technological solutions for its companies and platforms

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