New partnerships our Instagram Update and Tips on how to use your payment extension

New partnerships our Instagram Update and Tips on how to use your payment extension

Social Media Update

Over 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business, There are over 25 million business profiles using Instagram worldwide. Brands on Instagram regularly see engagement from around 4% of their total followers, compare it to the less than 0.1% for Facebook and Twitter.

Operational update

It seems partnerships are the name of the day. Clients are coming in to request broker capabilities and marketplaces more often these days. 

The one question that keeps us awake at night how to make all we do as EASY as possible and as QUICK as possible to start using seamlessly (i.e. provide a complete setup walkthrough for clients) and ease our clients into other products on top of that. A never-ending struggle for convenience.


Client tip of the week

-In our plugin, we have the choice between different payment methods, such as Cash payment, CC Payment, PayPal Payment etc. I would like my customers to be able to pay their reservation only by credit card. So, I only select CC Payment. However, in the choice of selections during a reservation, the customer can select “Pay by credit card upon pick up”. How to disable this option?


*to disable  “Pay by credit card upon pick up” please go to your back end and click on “payments” on the menu to your left. Set as No on the CC Payment option. And confirm and save.


If you have Use Mollie Payment option set as “Yes” on the mollie payments section, your clients will be able to pay by credit card.

Maria Salazar

Maria develops relationships with our clients around the world, specializing in the Spanish speaking market. She loves to travel and enjoys every adventure that life may bring.

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