Future of Mobility Editorial Sept-18

Future of Mobility Editorial Sept-18

Car rental started as a simple business idea. To provide cars to people who do not have them. Now, we are on the brink of a revolution. With self-driving cars and mobile phone penetration, it is only a question of how quickly the personal transport industry will change. How will people get around in 20 years time? In the morning call a car via a mobile app that comes without a driver stops at your door. You get in and on your way to work, you collect a few other commuters if you wish. The car drops you off wherever it is you wanted to go while you chatted with co-travelers or handled a few of those morning messages or news. Then, the car drives off. We will not need to own cars anymore, or shall we?

Pavel Helstyn

Pavel looks after business development at Ecalypse. He talks to and looks after Ecalypse clients. His main ambition with Ecalypse is to create a worldwide community of rental businesses that share knowledge and support each other in their efforts to provide better service to their clients.

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