Ecalypse Car Rental Plugin

This page contains information about our Ecalypse Car Rental Plugin and Theme.

We could go on about this plugin for hours and list all the features, but we believe it is best that you try it out yourself. You can do so here: At this link, you can see all the functionalities in practice.

We filled the website with data for you so that you can play around with filters, translations, etc. and see everything in action. All that you see there is what you get when purchasing our theme and plug in (less the data). No need to code, install additional plugins or fiddle around with anything else.

Here are the main functionalities of the Ecalypse car rental plugin and theme:

  • Fully responsive theme– looks great on all devices- PCs, tablets, mobiles.
  • Integrated booking & payment systems– you can set up everything with a super easy-to-use interface in the familiar WordPress backend. Paypal (including credit card payments) supported out of the box.
  • Advanced translations module out of the box – you yourself can set up all the languages that you want to with a state of the art language module within the plugin. No need to purchase other translation plugins which is a huge saving- lifetime license for today`s most popular translation plugin, the WPML goes for $195!
  • your logo, your name, your cars, your prices, your everything – everything is fully customizable.


We just launched in September 2014, so we are filling the information as we move along. If there is something you`d like to know and it is not here, shoot an email directly to Pavel at


The Ecalypse Car rental plugin is distributed under the GPLv3 license and under Ecalypse license.

Ecalypse license

We hope to create friendly and mutually beneficial partnerships with developers around the world who will spread our software in good faith.

For this reason, we have decided that the Ecalypse rental plugin can be distributed freely under the GPLv3 license which is common for WordPress.

We do want to protect the name of this plugin and that of our company and so we apply the conditions to the use of our code with the aim to prevent its abuse. These conditions are an integral part of our license. We call the “Ecalypse conditions”:

Anytime any part of our code is used, distributed, modified or otherwise used as part or whole, the final program name in which our code is used must contain the word Ecalypse, with capital letter “E” and the rest of the letters written in lowercase in a non-profane or derogatory way. The word Ecalypse must be legible.

Example: if Ecalypse rental plugin is used in a WordPress installation by a website developer who makes changes to the code and wants to rename the plugin to “I am rental developer plugin”, this is not allowed as it omits the word Ecalypse.

If a developer wants to “fork” development and use Ecalypse code in the development of a completely new rental plugin and call the plugin “A completely new rental plugin”, this is not allowed as it omits the word Ecalypse. In both cases, the word Ecalypse must be contained in the name of the creation.

We reserve the right to one-sidedly forfeit the GPLv3 license in case it is damaging to the Ecalypse name.

Feel free to ask questions at

Unmodified Ecalypse conditions must always be distributed under the GPLv3 license as long as any of its conditions are applied and it must be shown to the final user so that they understand their rights.