A client in California wants to start a Scooter delivery rental company

that delivers scooters anywhere in L.A. They need a technical solution that will enable them to deliver the scooters to many different places in the L.A. traffic.

We design and implement a solution that based on predicted traffic calculates the most accurate delivery times based on time of day.

A client in New York City needs a website that will draw more sales 

and needs to integrate this website with their current software (TSD) to minimize the human input of new reservations.

We set up the site and increase the conversion 4 times while sending all the data they need directly where they need it in the format they need, thus saving time.

A client from the Netherlands needs a system for their van rental business

that will connect to a completely new front which we need to design. The system needs to correctly calculate rates as well as free kilometers.

Based on their price lists, we create a precise pricing model and integrate it with a newly designed front end. The company is a 5* reviewed rental business serving the local community.

What could you achieve in your business if the technology was not your limit?
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Rental System Development And Launch

It all started when we were trying to set up our own car rental company. It did not go down too well, but something good came out of it. We noticed that a good, easy to use booking program was missing. Something that start-up and small rental companies could use to put up their website with online booking quickly and without the need to program. So, we set out to create it ourselves.

Competencies covered
  • Gather business requirements and translate them into IT specs
  • Content creation strategy and help you implement it at any stage of your business
  • IT hiring, In-house development and IT Project management
  • Go to market strategy and revenue model
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Ecalypse methodology

Our first rental booking system development is the backbone of everything else we’ve done. It is what enabled our business and brought us clients. A lot of mini-stories went on in the background. Most of them revolve around the key competencies that we’d already mentioned above. Let’s take a look at some of the other key stories.

Competencies covered
  • IT Specification creation, project management & development
  • analytics implementation and optimization
  • conversion and ROI calculation
  • A/B testing
  • IT consulting
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What could you achieve in your business if the technology was not your limit?
Become one of our success stories

Contact us at sales@ecalypse.com to discuss your story or call +1 (818) 850 5355.

FAQs, a.k.a keep the questions coming

We compile the FAQs based on most common questions we receive, so keep it comin’

What do you guys do?

aWe do a bunch of stuff. We do our own projects, like our free rental plugin for WordPress, Rencato platform or run our blogging and Youtube. Right now, we’re getting our feet wet with AI as well. For our clients, we run end to end IT consulting and development biz. We help you with stuff you don’t know, suggest the best way forward and make sure it works long term. In practice, that means specifications, consultation, design, implementation, support and improvement. Yeah, we have a methodology behind and a process. But that’s better discussed over the phone.

How much do your services cost?

aDepends on the service. With services that are standardized, we can get pretty low. Typically making rental websites is quick and cheap, because we have the infrastructure in place already. For services that are not standardized, we focus on the fact that there is ROI behind it. That is why we are all in business after all, isn’t it?

How long does it take to make a design?

aThese days, it is easy to get a preconceived design. But that is not what is key. We are big believers in testing by going to the market. Give it a shot, run analytics and see. If you have a design in mind, show it to us. If you don’t, we can show some to you. The more crucial question is- what are you trying to achieve? Is your biz running already? Let’s better see how it is performing and take it from there. Let’s run some A/B tests and then start moving things around.

Where are your offices?

aWe’re internet people. We’re everywhere and nowhere. Most of the time we work from behind the screen in the Czech Republic (which is where our company is seated), Spain, USA or Venezuela. That’s where we usually find ourselves. Depends on the project. Sometimes we work with clients directly in L.A., NYC or anywhere else. If the project is big, that is what we will do. If it is smaller, we stick to calls, emails and Trellos and Slacks of the world.

Where can I see your work?

aJust check out the front page of this site, we put up some examples for you to see. They are not all the clients of course, but just a few examples. All in all, people from more than 60 countries use our software to a certain degree. The most of our clients come from the US, then Spain and the rest of the world. If the examples on the home page are not enough, feel free to ask for more.