Connect to 3rd Parties

What is an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface. Web-based APIs return data in response to a request made by a client. It’s a set of functions and procedures that allow creating applications that access data and features of other applications, services or operating systems.
How to connect?
Our API will connect you to all the data you need to build an original website. Our focus is on customization, easy setup & easy to use, and good customer service. We provide high-quality technology for businesses of all sizes.
What are the benefits?
If you are a car rental company looking to extend your business, our API will help you to connect to a global online travel platform. With our API software connected to your website, you gain access to online travel agents that will help you to generate more business.
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Be a Broker

Who is a car rental broker?
A car rental broker is a mediator between car rental companies and consumers. Online brokers can develop the car rental business and the customer base by selling to customers globally. Brokers offer whole packages for consumers that also include third party insurance, airport taxes, unlimited mileage, etc. Car rental brokers rent most of their cars to private consumers. Therefore, this helps the car rental companies to fill their renting slots while brokers can negotiate better prices and rental conditions for the consumers.
How to create a broker website?
API brokers connect to a different application to implement the functionality or transfer the data to their application. To keep up with technology development, an implementation of an API will help the innovation and growth of your business.
The benefits of the connection?
Create a fully supported broker website. Increase your database of car rental businesses by using our platform.
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Be a Market Place

What is a car rental market place?
A car rental marketplace creates the best environment for buyers and suppliers that allows the two parties to interact. Smaller car rental companies can benefit from getting involved in a bigger scale and from being more capable of facing technological challenges. Variety selections of car rentals for customers enable you to meet customer demand through the marketplace.
What are the types of market places?
There are two types of car rental marketplaces, B2C (business-2-customers) marketplaces offer their services directly to consumers. The renting process incorporates fixed rental fees, long term rentals, commercial vehicles, no personal interaction, short term access.  P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplaces connect owners of personal vehicles who rent their cars to consumers. The renting process incorporates flexible rental fees, predefined booking time, personal vehicles, and usually short term rentals. One of the factors of building your marketplace is to establish core values with innovative technology so you can get ahead of the competition. Establish a fully customized marketplace through our platform.
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Ongoing Support

Why is ongoing support important?
We believe in long term customer relationships. Once we provide you with our services we continue with providing you ongoing support. The importance of ongoing support after the download of the software is as important as the software itself. Fast and quality solutions of technical issues, maintenance, and improvement will keep the flow of your business.
 Application maintenance and support include helping you with requirements such as troubleshooting, modifying, maintenance, future enhancements. We make sure that the functions of the solutions we provide you are running smoothly and you have our support when needed.
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Credit Card Payments

What is a  payment gateway?
A payment gateway is used as the front-end technology that reads payment cards and transfers customer information to the merchant bank for processing. It is an important intermediary for electronic payment card processing.
You need a payment gateway if you are looking for accepting credit card payments on your website. Payment gateways can be used for both online and through mobile device payments. It is the link between your sales and your customers. You can improve your customer service, payment methods, and generate more business by using safe and fast electronic payment transactions.
To be able to use the payment gateways, your website needs an API that connects into the online system through programming that implements its functionality.
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Car Sharing

What is Car Sharing? 
Car sharing is an alternative to having a car. It’s the biggest advantage is the convenience and affordability for the users. Another benefit is that it helps with the congestion of a city. generations are changing and so does the view of owning a car. The new generation doesn’t dwell on owning a car but it does not mean young people don’t need a car at all.
P2P (Peer-to-peer) car-sharing allows the car owners to rent their cars to the clients and help them to cover the cost of the car and make additional income. It is usually a short term rental where you can access the car without any other costs of ownership of the car. You can access the car at any time using a mobile app or the internet. The destinations for the pickup and the return can vary depending on the provider. The rates are usually measured in hours, days, or mileage. The additional costs for maintenance, insurance, and gas are included in the fee. It is more beneficial for small trips around the city rather than a weekend road trip. Carsharing has been developing and becoming available for the airport marketplace where there is a big demand for car rentals.
What technologies can be implemented? 
Handover App – Besi100
To make car sharing even easier and safer for everyone, we’ve developed a car handover app Besi100 where you can take before and after pictures of the condition of the car, and note fuel details or mileage. The details can be then accessed by all parties, which brings more transparency and trust in the sharing process and eliminates the stress and disputes over who caused what.
To be able to use this app, you don’t need to download anything. Everything is online, so you only login into the app and you can start using it straight away.
Phone as a key
A key-less car handover is such a handover where a phone can be used as a key. This makes the process of carsharing easier and more convenient for car users since they don’t need to meet and can only use their phones to unlock and start the car. Also, the parties no longer need to worry about losing the key or the key is stuck in a locked car.
The “phone-as-a-key” solution is aimed to function on a plug&play basis so it is compatible with nearly every car and can be started to be used immediately. Similarly, if the car owner no longer wants to use this function, a small piece of hardware is unplugged and a car gets back to “normal” instantly.
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