Marketing hand / padawan

Position OPEN until deleted (Oct, Nov-2014)

Your quest is the following

–       Create an overall marketing visual concept and establish the process of Ecalypse customer shopping experience (make us and our products look good)

–       Create and improve partner cooperation concept (affiliates)

–       Introduce new tools for monitoring and improvement customer conversion (customer metrics, page retention, etc.)

–       Development of cross selling opportunities


What else you`ll do along your path

–       Cooperate with sales pioneer on creating new products

–       Report to the chief on how you are doing (cooperate on creation of reports and whole reporting system)

–       Expand marketing and lead the sales squad if you`re up to it


What qualities you should posses

–       Knowledge of WordPress platform and ability to work with plugins and themes to create an environment that fulfills needs of the company

–       Fluent English (our business language), other widely used languages welcomed

–       Usual computer literacy (work with documents, sheets)

–       Street smarts-> you know how to get around and come up with new ideas and concepts


Other things you should know

–       We are a start up and things are going well right now. We are just starting to build a team. This position is part time (up to 20hrs/wk) at this point. If this goes well, we hope this to become full time.

–       Your key quality must be to be able to listen and be creative at the same time. You will have full support of the chief and get regular feedback on your work. You are to be one of the first employees of the company with which comes great opportunity and responsibility.

–       You can work from home, but regular checking in for work progress via Skype is required. No matter if you work from home, you are required to be able to coordinate with your colleagues on Czech time. We are Czech and our ultimate goal is to have a team in one place that interacts in person either in Zlin or Prague.


How to join us on our journey

–       If you like what you read, send your CV and motivational letter or questions directly to the chief at to set up and interview. Interviews will be held over Skype.


Padawan is someone who has promise in their skill and we believe in them to be able to further develop that promise with the help of others. Sometimes, even if they know their skill, they need to learn how to master it effectively to better contribute. Padawans can take on easier tasks that help them learn from practice and in turn move on to become wizards. They work under supervision of wizards, masters or the chief.

Hand is a helper to anyone starting with Padawan.