“We believe the world can be a better place if we bring people together and provide them with opportunity.”

Our People

Business Development
Igor Datko

Igor's main scope of work is focusing on strategic advice, broadening the range of services and business development across all of Ecalypse business.

Igor is also the founder of datko.tech and has worked for companies such as KPMG, Calzedonia, Celgeme or Renault.

Chief Technologist
Petr Danek

Petr is a seasoned IT professional. He started working with Ecalypse in its early days taking it through most of its technological challenges. Currently, Petr is helping Ecalypse design and develop key technological solutions for its companies and platforms.

In his free time, he enjoys photography and spending time with his family.

Business Development
Pavel Helstyn

Pavel founded Ecalypse as a company focused on harnessing the power of latest technological trends in rental business. In two years, Ecalypse has grown into an internationally recognized brand with 300+ clients in over 60 countries worldwide.

In his free time, Pavel loves writing, sports, and cars.

Client Specialist
Maria Salazar

Maria develops relationships with our clients around the world, specializing in the Spanish speaking market. She just recently finished her master’s at the Universidad de Oriente, in Bolívar, Venezuela. She loves to travel, but her favorite place remains Caracas.

While not working, she is gaining medicinal experience at the local hospital, enjoys to take a walk with her pup or is out exploring the beauties of Caracas.

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