We are a startup company, we are focusing on car rental software. To take my mind of things and have a little fun in the process (the way we like it), I created this hierarchy of roles in the company. That`s what we should be in the long term. Feel free to drop me a line to share your feelings about our “do it different” business at Pavel, the chief.

Based on the level of their skill, positions are called and hierarchically arranged:


is a helper, not much to add. They help everyone, starting with the Padawan, all the way up.


has promise in their skill and we believe in them to be able to further develop that promise with the help of others. Sometimes, even if they know their skill, they need to learn how to master it effectively to better contribute. Padawans can take on easier tasks that help them learn from practice and in turn move on to become wizards. They work under supervision of wizards, masters or the chief.


those who are proven and self sufficient become wizards. They know their skill well enough and can use it very practically with minimum supervision. They are wizards because they create the new out of thing air. What they create is awe inspiring to others and supremely useful. They help Padawans become wizards.

White wizard

is an experienced wizards that shows great promise, dedication and interest to become a master. They will still be officially called wizards, but a little white dot will be added to their title.


those who are masters have achieved the qualities of wizards plus through their work and loyalty they have shown their devotion. Their combination of skills, experience and wisdom gives them the ability to foresee future and help others prepare for it. They create essence. Masters can create new skill lines and lead them independently. They are direct chief`s advisers.


chief`s essential role is to help everyone become a master, listen to masters and with their help give purpose to the organization. Chief`s ultimate goal is to make sure that purpose of the company is achieved.